10 Beautiful Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tones

Hair color is nearly a magical tool that you can use to make your hair go from ordinary to amazing. Hair color and highlights give an instant refresh that’s a must in this scorching hot weather. But how do you know which color looks good on your warm skin tone? Here is a list of colors that go like peanut butter and jelly with warm skin tones.

Chestnut Brown

You might think that all browns look the same and chestnut brown is just like any other brown in the color catalog, but you’re wrong. Chestnut brown has that earthy and nutty undertone that goes perfectly with the warmth of your skin tone. No matter if you have a fairly warm color or a deeper warm color, chestnut brown is going to highlight and accentuate the color, in the most glowing and stunning way, making your hair and your skin look super healthy and radiant.

The best part? Whether you have light or dark hair, to begin with, there’s no need for bleach, so that’s a bullet you and your hair can dodge. How’s that for a perfect hair color?

Caramel Blonde

If you have blonde hair and a warm skin tone, it’s still gorgeous. But you can elevate it a bit more. How? With the addition of a color that looks like warm and awesome caramel. Think of melted sugar and runny caramel when you imagine this color on your hair. Your locks will look as delicious as the caramel color you’re trying to replicate in your hair and you will fall in love with how put-together your hair looks, without looking too warm or washed out.

It’s the perfect balance for your skin tone and hair color. It’s worth a shot and you won’t regret it once you see how gorgeous the tresses look.


This color is a clear winner in the books of women with warm skin tones and even undertones. Auburn has a way of looking very vibrant and radiant when the light hits just right, but it can also be muted down when the light is dimmed, so it’s perfect for an all-year color. You can go as minimal or as crazy as you want with Auburn.

You can have hints of the reddish-brown in your mane or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can get your entire mane dyed in this beautiful and warm yet subtle color. It also makes your skin pop and your complexion will look radiant and healthy.

So, if you want to fake healthy skin and even better-looking hair, then don’t look anywhere else and go straight for that stunning auburn hue.

Honey Brown

If you want your hair to have the color of nature’s sweetest concoction, then honey brown is perfect for you. Honey color alone can be quite light for your beautiful warm skin, and you don’t want everything to look washed out, so the best way to incorporate this color with your unique skin tone or undertone is to mix it up with a slightly warmer color, like brown and create what’s nothing less than a masterpiece on your hair.

The combination of honey and brown is delicious and sweet and your hair will be a live testimony of how gorgeous this color is. You can also get balayage hair highlights Rockville using this color or any color on this list. If you choose the right color and stylist, the results will be awesome.

Chocolate Brown

This one is an old one, but sometimes, all you need is a classic color to set the bar sky-high. Chocolate brown is one of the most classic and timeless options to go for, and warm-skinned girlies will love this color. It’s the best of both worlds. A color that compliments your warm skin tone and makes your hair look like melted milk chocolate. What’s not to love about it?

If this wasn’t convincing enough, then you will be happy to know that this color is a very doable transition hue, no matter if you have naturally dark hair.

Strawberry Blonde

If you’re looking for a lighter color to rock with your warm skin tone, then you’ll be balancing the hues out perfectly with a strawberry blonde. Now, don’t be alarmed, because first of all, this color won’t make your wavy, curly, or straight hair look like it’s doused in strawberries, and second, it’s a pretty wearable color, if you think that you can’t pull it off.

Strawberry blonde is a light blonde color, with a pinkish undertone, so even though normally, blonde color is light-toned, the addition of the warm pink will make it look warm and oh-so-beautiful.


If you’re scared to board the red train, then one way to ease yourself into the wonderful world of reds is copper as it is a perfect transition shade. There’s that very bright red undertone that is subtle enough to not make your hair look like a fire engine, but vibrant enough to let people know that there is some drama going on in the hair.

It’s also a very beautiful highlight color, so if you want to play it even safe, then you can start with colored strands of hair. Copper is seriously a color worth trying if you want to bring out the warmth of your skin.

Golden Brown

Can’t choose between gold or brown? Well, why not get both? Golden and brown are two colors that scream “warmth” and with this combination, you will be turning heads, left, right, and center. There’s the lightness of the golden hue combined with the warmth of the brown, giving your hair that beautifully balanced hue, without looking overdone.

So, golden brown hair color is exactly what you need to compliment your skin tone. No matter if your skin tone is fair or deep, this color will take center stage every single time the light shines on it.


If you’re done playing it safe with color and want to try something dramatic, but not super punk rock, then red or burgundy is the perfect color to choose. If you want to go for a fire engine red, it will compliment and even add brightness to your skin tone and it will make your features pop in the best way.

As for burgundy, if you want to go for a deeper red, then you will thrive with this color. Having equal parts darkness and brightness, burgundy will draw attention to your face and people won’t help but compliment you.


We’re ending it strong with a color whose name might make you run for the hills, but you’ll just have to try it out to see what wonders it does for your skin tone. Lilac, at first glance, might seem like a bizarre hair color choice, but it’s going to change the way you think about this color forever.

The light purple and warm light undertones will make your skin look amazing and this isn’t a color you see every day, so you know that you’re rocking something so unique that people will stop and stare at the marvel.


You might think you can get your hair dyed in any color, but skin tone plays a vital role in making the entire look coordinated. So, visit hair salons specializing in color Rockville to find out about colors that will look perfect on your skin tone and face shape.

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