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Should You Remove Trees From Around Your House?

Having trees around the house offers a scenic view while looking out your window but they can also be threatening if they are too close or are experiencing some problems. Trees should always be planted at a safe distance from the house so they do not pose a hazard when they grow up. We are going to discuss reasons that might call you to remove a tree or some trees for everyone’s safety. As safety is your concern, the tree must be removed by tree cutting services only.

Removing Trees If The Lawn Is Being Affected

There is no doubt that having a couple of trees surrounding the house sets a natural vibe. Such homes tend to be relatively cooler than the properties that do not have any. However, one factor that sometimes destroys the purpose is poor planning and positioning.

While installing trees, experts or homeowners should carefully think about the installation process. You cannot play guessing games that will only result in problems. Keep in mind that the foundation and other factors such as the sewerage and other systems need to be thought of.

Otherwise, you are careless, the roots will simply puncture the lines and you will have to pay thousands of dollars in repairs. Another important factor to keep in mind is that only trees around the house won’t make up for a natural setting.

You will want a lawn as well with flowers and seasonal plantations for a relaxing view. However, that is not possible if there are trees surrounding the house. This is why experts suggest not planting near or under large trees as they will take up all the sunshine.

You might be able to cut off a branch to solve the issue. However, if patches are showing up in different areas, you will need to remove the tree.

Removing Trees If They Are Too Close To The House

If the trees around your house are too close, you will need to either trim them down or simply remove them. There have been many incidents in the past where homeowners refused and let their emotions take over and cost them their properties.

The reason is that extreme weather conditions can take a toll on trees’ life and strength causing harm to anything that it comes in contact with. If a tree limb or the whole tree falls during a storm, the damage it might cause could be a lot more than you can imagine.

In addition to that, trees should not be allowed to grow to the point where they come in contact with the utility lines or the surrounding properties. If your tree tends to damage or harm your neighbor’s house, you will be fined or punished by law.

The only way to ensure that your trees do not pose a threat to anyone or anything in the surrounding area is by hiring an expert who trims regularly. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to keep everyone safe and protected considering your love for trees.

The Tree Isn’t Growing Properly

If you are in the market for buying trees for your property, you will come across a huge variety that is hard to remember. The thing is that not every tree type is suitable depending on the location, weather, season, etc. As mentioned earlier, before you can purchase the tree, you have to manage enough space and choose a proper tree location.

If you install a tree with sewer lines underneath, the tree will not grow properly. On top of that, trees need proper soil to drain and thrive. That said, you will have to make sure the foundation is proper for the tree to grow healthy.

A common mistake made by homeowners is opting for trees based on their liking. Instead, one should be wise and do some research to pick an option that makes living and growing easier. For example; you cannot plant a palm tree in the Arctic because it won’t grow there.

Therefore, if some trees or a tree around the house is limping to one side or has thinning leaves, it means it is struggling to survive. If the tree has not fully grown yet, you might be able to change its location. However, if it is an old tree, you will need to bring it down.

The Trees Demand Too Much Maintenance

If you have different types of trees installed around the house, the maintenance schedule will vary, especially when they are young. While some trees grow fast and need to be pruned weekly or monthly, others need to be kept safe from rabbits, birds, bees, and other animals.

For instance, a younger tree might not be able to survive extremely cold weather conditions like older trees. On the other hand, you will have to make sure it is getting enough water when it is hot. Then again, you can replace or reposition within six months. This is because the roots haven’t spread too much.

Furthermore, if the maintenance of the trees requires tree services Potomac to visit monthly and you are not able to afford it, you will need to remove some trees and keep the ones that are easy for you to look after as well.

Make sure the tree you’re removing from your home is not protected by the local authority because for protected tree, you will need a permit before cutting down the tree. However, you don’t need a permit to remove dead tree, storm damaged trees, or any tree that an arborist considers to be a hazard.

The Yard Keeps Getting Infestations

Expensive maintenance is one thing but the entire yard getting infestations is not only harmful but irritating. The problem with infestations is they keep returning and are hard to diagnose considering the signs & symptoms.

For instance, if a tree suddenly has leaves turning brown, an average homeowner might think it needs water. Therefore, having the expert come over can be frustrating. So, if the trees surrounding the house invite or attract bees, hornets, and other seriously dangerous insects, you will need to get rid of them.

Hornets and bees can cause extreme pain especially if they come in contact with kids. In some cases, the young ones experience severe reactions as well. And if you still do not want to remove the tree, you can opt for chemicals and spray them over the trees to keep the bugs away.

If you are having a hard time selecting the right products, do not hesitate to get a second opinion from the experts. Follow the instructions mentioned on the item and do not overuse it. This could also harm the tree’s strength and lead to poisoning.

Depending on the situation, you may have to use a combination of chemicals. This can be a tricky situation and may need you to keep an eye on the tree.


Removing trees is the only option if your comfort is being compromised. Make sure that you consider all the factors that help pick the right option and allow the tree to grow properly. At the same time, if you can afford, to hire tree removal services Kensington or perform regular inspections to keep your property and the surroundings safe.

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