10 Awesome Corporate Event Themes For Summer

Summer is the perfect time to host cool corporate events, but how to incorporate variety in these seemingly boring events? With themes, of course! All you need is some help from event party rentals. Here are some themes that you can try out for your next corporate event.

Quintessential Barbecue

Nothing would look more summer-like than a good ole barbecue. It might seem like a really common idea, but hey, sometimes the oldies are the best. Barbecues are great crowd pleasers and you don’t need to do anything too elaborate. It’s a fun outdoor activity that will get everyone moving and they can enjoy the sun, some great seared meat dishes, and company all in one go.

For a corporate barbecue, if you want, you can make it a bit fancy, like having a covered area outside to shield the guests from the sun and having some options for the guests, including vegan and vegetarian-friendly options.

However, if you want to go down the traditional route and let go of all formalities then go ham (no pun intended, or maybe a little bit) because you’ll have a blast.

Mystery Galore

Sometimes, having corporate events can bore you out of your mind, because there’s nothing fun to do. Well, not now! If you and your colleagues are die-hard fans of true crime, solving mysteries, and other things in the same category, then you might need your detective gloves for this one.

You can arrange to have a true crime or mystery-themed party that will have loads of activities surrounding the theme. You guys can even play games to solve mysteries and help each other out. This is a great group activity and it will make communication easier among people you might not know because breaking the ice isn’t all that easy.

You can even make this event more fun by incorporating a dress code that has everyone dress up in their favorite detective’s attire, or even cosplay as a famous true crime sensation. So, scour the internet for ideas, because you’ll get flooded with them.

Winter In Summer

Summer might be the most anticipated season, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t love winter. If the heat is getting to your head, then a great way to cool everyone down is to have a winter wonderland party in the dead middle of the scorching heat. This is a perfect idea if your company does a lot of outdoor work and you want to treat everyone to a cool and calm party.

There are lots of imitation winter wonderlands out there that you can book for the event and have a blast of your corporate life with your work friends.

Carnival Corporate Event

Carnivals are also something that is buzzing in the summer and what better way to host an event that reminds everyone of what a fun carnival looks like? This is an outdoor event, through and through, and you’ll want to decorate the place nice and pretty with tons of lights and even carnival-themed décor.

The food and entertainment can also be catered to the theme and it’s going to be a fun-filled experience for everyone. You can have a stuntman do tricks for some breath-halting moments and enjoy the evening with your employees.

Flower Party

Since summer and spring normally go hand in hand, this idea is also perfect if you’re a woman-owned business and want to give hardworking girls a fragrant and beautiful surprise. Not that flowers are gender specific, but these parties scream “femininity” like nothing else, so to make it gender neutral, the guys of the workplace can honor the women with a flower-filled day.

This event can include things like flower decorations, flower planting, and even an informational walk-through of different flower types and their origins. It’s fresh, it’s simple and it’s going to be remembered by everyone forever.

Taco Tuesday

Mondays are boring, but Tuesdays are no better either. This is why there’s Taco Tuesday to brighten up the second day of the seemingly never-ending week. This theme is simple yet it hits the spot, every single time, so you can’t say that it’s not a winner. Tacos, Mexican hats, and chili peppers. That’s all you need to make this low-key and very chillax event a success among the people you work with.

If you want to jazz things up a bit and include everyone in the event, then you can have vegetarian and vegan taco options too. You’ll surely become the best boss in the whole world.

Victorian Tea Party

Want to have a theme for your corporate party, but still want to maintain a certain level of sophistication? Well, this Victorian tea party will suck you back into the early 1900s and you guys can snicker and gossip lightly over a fine cup of tea.

Of course, since this is a Victorian theme, you can’t forget the elaborate dress code or else you’re not doing it right. If you’re going to go full Victorian, then you should bite the bullet and dress the part. This idea is perfect for the poised ones. You will need event rentals Rockland NY to recreate the Victorian period effectively.

Golf In The Sun

Do you and your employees adore a good game of golf? Well, look no further, because this theme is going to knock the golf ball right out of the park. If you love a bit of healthy competition and want to have a good time under the sun, then you can hit your nearest golf park, get some clubs, and go to town with a game of golf.

This is extremely productive, healthy, and fun for people who love the game, plus there are a lot of options for yummy cart food that you can munch on after a good sweat.

Beach Day Out

Forgetting the beach when its peak summertime is sad. Turn that frown into a beaming smile and hit the beach with your work pals. A beach party is a no-brainer when it comes to corporate events. If you can’t think of anything and want to stay within a minimal budget, but still want to have some fun, then the beach is here to save you with its salty chilly water.

You can turn the summer event into a beach potluck and have a great time under the sun, on the sand with water tickling your feet.

Jazz Night

If you guys love music and want to make it a theme for your corporate event, then this idea is perfect for you. A jazz night is very versatile. You can make it casual or formal with a flick of the dress code and entice your taste buds and ears with some yummy morsels and great live music.

The great thing about the music theme is that you don’t need to stick to jazz. You can go for almost any music genre and make it a theme and it will be perfect, every single time.


Corporate events don’t need to be mundane and monotonous. They can be made fun and thrilling with the right theme. So, which idea is your favorite? Need more ideas and help, contact corporate tent rentals Rockland NY.

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