How To Throw A Surprise Birthday Party

Who doesn’t like surprises? If the birthday of your friend, sibling, or someone close to you is near and you’re thinking about giving them the best time ever, throwing a surprise party will be your plan. Depending on where you want to hold the party, you may need the help of tent rentals, caterers, and others. Let’s discuss the things you need to host an amazing surprise party.

Make Sure You Know What They Like

When you’re planning a surprise party, you can’t directly involve the person for whom the party is being organized. But you also have to know the likes and dislikes of the person so the party food, cake, and other arrangements can be appreciated by the person.

As you’re holding a surprise party for the person, he/she may be close to you and may already know many of the likes and dislikes of the person, but if you don’t or think that some preferences of his/her might have changed, go detective on them.

You can steer conversations to the parties they have been to and the things they liked or better yet, attend a party with the person to know which things they like like food items, decor, themes, and more.

Party Venue

You can select any venue depending on your budget and how you want the environment of the party to be. Do you want it outdoors or indoors? How many guests are inviting? Can you risk decorating your or their home or living place for the surprise party or rent a venue that they won’t see?

If you want to keep the surprise party a secret and it’s a grand party, holding it in a party venue will be the best.

Delegate Tasks

Once you have set the date and chosen the venue, make a list of the things you will be renting and buying for the party. When you’re finished if you want to make your party planning process draining, do all the tasks yourself. But if you want to enjoy the process and throw the party in the best manner, involve other people like your family or friends and assign them roles.

You’ll be surprised how many people will be happy to help you out and put some load off your shoulders.

Keep The Communicate Active

After creating a team of people who will assist you in planning the surprise party, keep everyone updated by having an active communication medium. Choose any instant messaging app and create a group for everybody to update their progress.

Use Party Rentals

A party requires many items like tables, chairs, décor, tents, and more. The easiest way to manage your party is by hiring party rentals who will take care of most of the items you will need for the surprise party.

Send Out Invitations

It’s a surprise party, but you will have to invite people to this otherwise you and your team will be alone with the guest of honor at the venue. You can select any medium for the party invitation. Some like to go with traditional invitations while others want to keep things simple and use a phone call or social media direct message for inviting to a party.

Choose any method you like but don’t forget to mention to the guests that it’s a surprise party and they shouldn’t mention anything about it to the person for whom the party is being held.

Make Sure That The Guest Of Honor Is Not Bust On The Party Day/Night

Avoid being so busy planning the party that you ignore the fact that the guest of honor won’t be available that day or night. To avoid this problem, make a plan for something like going out or doing something together on the party day so you’re sure that they will be available for the party.

Your guest of honor should feel great when they walk into the party, so it’s better to tell them that you’re going to someone’s party so they dress up well. If you think this will give away the surprise, arrange clothes for them that you can give them for dressing up after revealing the surprise party.


When arranging a surprise birthday party, make sure to have fun and make the guest of honor feel special. To ensure that, get the help of friends and party rentals Frederick.

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