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Tips for Sellers: 8 Ways to Get More Home Viewings

Often, home buying is like love at first sight. Much of the buying decision-making happens during viewing when a prospect buyer sees and inspects the home in person. With so many homes for sale in your area, how do you make yours stand out? How do you get as much viewing appointments as possible? Check out these tips that any trusted and experienced real estate agent will swear by.

Top 8 Ways to Get More Home Viewings

1. Take advantage of staging.

With the help of your listing agent DC, you’ll probably get your home listed online. Of course, you’d want your listing to be as attractive as possible. One of the ways to do this is to stage your home well. Even if you’re not selling the home with all the furniture, decor, and appliances included, it’s best to keep them intact when you take photos for the listing. If possible, keep them in the house until you’ve actually closed the sale.

Staging your home gives buyers an idea of how good it looks when furnished. It will also give them interior decorating ideas!

2. Get a pro to take photos for your listing.

First impressions count a lot when listing a home online. No buyer would want to view a home that doesn’t look attractive right from the get-go. When taking listing photos, don’t rely on your phone camera even if it has the best camera setup among all mobile devices. Professional photographers out there specialize in taking real estate photos and it will be worth your while enlisting their services.

3. Choose a feature to highlight.

It will help you and your seller’s agent a lot if you can determine your home’s specific feature that you can highlight in your listing. Does your home have a laundry room? Do you have an outdoor living space? Maybe you have an eat-in kitchen? All of these will appeal to buyers who may have specific preferences. Highlighting unique home features will also help your real estate agent sell your home more quickly.

4. Improve landscaping.

Good curb appeal is invaluable especially when you’re trying to sell a home, and landscaping is a major part of it. In both photos and real life, your home’s facade and landscaping will be very noticeable. Ensure your front yard is impeccable: mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and weed the garden. It’ll help if you can plant flowers, too!

5. Keep the home clean.

Once you decide to sell your home, keeping it clean becomes even more critical. Ensure that the roof, siding, pathways, and fences are clean and free of obvious stains. You’d want to show buyers that your home is well taken care of, and cleanliness is a good indicator of that.

6. Put as much information in your listing as possible.

If you take pride in your home, you wouldn’t have a problem telling people about it. Your DC seller’s agent can help ensure that all valuable information about your home is mentioned in the listing. Furthermore, buyers will feel more excited about viewing your home, knowing that it has the features they are looking for.

7. Make sure you can feel confident about listing your home.

So it’s been established that it will help if you can include as much information about your home in the listing as possible. But how can you feel confident about doing that? Simple—by making sure that your home is presentable in and out. Even before you put up a listing, have your home inspected for problems and have the necessary repairs and improvements done. You wouldn’t want to give a buyer a reason to back out, would you?

8. Trust your real estate agent.

Your listing agent DC is a professional, and he knows what makes homes sell. When you work with a licensed and experienced agent, you will get all the information you’ll ever need about home selling. Your agent will also work in your favor, so you can rest assured that he’ll do everything it takes to get more buyers to book an appointment for viewing.

The Most Important Decision

Putting a home up for sale needs careful planning and making wise decisions. And if you want to make your home more attractive to buyers, deciding to get the assistance of a real estate agent will surely go a long way.

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